Property Acquisition

Our team walks the existing inventory of property as it comes to the market to determine which houses are the best investments. We will submit offers on request from our clients and advise as to the potential of success in the negotiation process.

Our Project Manager will walk a property first to determine the scope of the work required to bring the property to habitable and “Rent Ready” condition. We are working with multiple contractors to rehab the properties at a price that is very competitive in the market today. The focus during the rehab is to make the property clean, safe and livable and do this while adhering to the bid for the project to avoid cost over runs. The investor is provided with before and after pictures to give them a comfort with the progress of the rehab. We are in constant contact with the investor to keep them aware of the progress and any issues that may arise with the project. Fees will be agreed upon on a per property basis.