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Rental Homes

Tyraa Nicole Property Management focuses on providing Detroit-area rental homes that are well-managed. We provide our tenants with a wide range of rental services to ensure a convenient and comfortable experience.   Click here to browse our Rental Properties   Click…

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Real Estate Investing

Our focus is to find you the best properties in the best areas of Southeastern Michigan and Detroit that leads to the best return on investment. You get better properties and tenants in areas that are primed for optimal market…

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Property Management Services

Tyraa Nicole Property Management specializes in management and rehabilitation services for Detroit-area properties. Whether you’re a local, out-of-state, or international Metro-Detroit property owner, our focus is providing you with peace of mind knowing we handle every aspect of management and rehabilitation…

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Property Rehabilitation & Contractors

Full-service rehabilitation for local, out-of-state, and international property owners.   Reliable Property Management Full-Service Property Rehabilitation Competitive Rehab & Maintenance Costs Maintain Your Properties From Anywhere, 24/7   We conduct a thorough evaluation of the property to determine what needs to…

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